When you or someone close to you ends up facing a charge whether it is criminal or civil, the first thing to do is look for a lawyer to prepare for, and present, the defence. Civil cases deal with situations where an entity or a person – called the plaintiff- claims that another entity or person – the defendant- owed a legal duty to the plaintiff and has failed to carry it out.

Criminal cases, on the other hand, arise when the government, on behalf of the people, prosecutes a person for a felony or misdemeanour. Trial lawyers or litigators are the ones you should approach for the defence of these cases. However, they both do help achieve the purpose in the end, but there is a difference between both of them that should be kept in mind when hiring a lawyer.

Trial lawyers will not only help you understand the legal and long-term implications of a case, but also prepare the case for trial, go to the trial, examine and cross-examine witnesses and make arguments to the judge. They handle the critical parts of the case and more often than not, the parts leading up to them as well. The litigators, on the other hand, may go as far as arguing at preliminary hearings or trying to mediate the case and attempting to settle it, but if he or she fails, another lawyer must be brought into the scenario. This would cause setback in the case as the new lawyer is rarely completely aware of the situations that have passed.

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